Stairways to Somewhere

Don’t really have any thoughts on this set, aside from how it’s kind of cool to see so many different styles of stair architecture.

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Blind and Mute

Back in 2016 I offered to create thematic sets for some friends. My good buddy Zmediaoutlet asked for ones where the focal character had their eyes hidden or cropped out by the framing.

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One of the questions I find myself asking over and over as I go through these screen caps is, “but why does it look like a painting?”

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A Step Back

For milly_gal, wide shots without the Winchesters as focus (seasons 1-2). Although the lighting in general is pretty dark, Serge Ladouceur still managed to create a variety of textures across this selection of interior and exterior wide shots.

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Feed Me

It’s kind of impressive just how much food has been in the show over the years–once you start looking for it, it’s all over the place.

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Portrait of Madame T

The similarities are obvious–an elegant young woman with brown hair, dressed in a black evening gown that shows off the shoulders and decolletage, standing next to a table upon which she is leaning with her right hand.

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