Sweet Prince

Take up the bodies: such a sight as this
Becomes the field, but here shows much amiss.

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Imperious Caesar

“There’s another: why may not that be the skull of a lawyer?”

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Portrait of Madame T

The similarities are obvious–an elegant young woman with brown hair, dressed in a black evening gown that shows off the shoulders and decolletage, standing next to a table upon which she is leaning with her right hand.

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The Realm of Books

I like how the apparent source of light in this shot is the open pages; Sam is completely in silhouette except for the hand that’s in contact with the books. There’s a great sense of isolation, as if nothing exists outside of the books and whatever happens to be touching them.

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When I first watched this episode I interpreted the black & white sequence of “evidence photos” as being taken by some unknown person investigating the deaths of so many government employees.

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Man By Window vs. Woman With a Lute

It’s not a perfect match, of course–in the Supernatural screen cap the lighting is coming from behind the seated figure, meaning there’s only a little bit of light shining directly on Dean’s face, whereas in Vermeer’s painting the window is beside the seated figure, fully lighting her face and creating a deeper contrast between the darkened foreground and the brighter background.

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A few things to notice: the bareness of the landscape, with Cas a tiny figure almost lost against the horizon.

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Brotherly Love

A compilation of Sam and Dean hugging, as requested by lindahoyden–a little outside what will be the usual scope of this blog, but it was fun to pull together back in 2016, and seems appropriate to repost on Valentine’s day.

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