Feed Me

for violeteyedcat: kitchens and food (seasons 1-2)


2 thoughts on “Feed Me

  1. The color-palette of SPN doesn’t exactly lend itself to appetizing food, does it? Most of the time there seems to be something more important than food going on in the shot. This makes me think thinky thoughts about the diverging perceptions of the “food as fuel”, Soylent-drinking populace, and the “food as event” organic made-from-scratch locavores. How does the hunter lifestyle change ones’ experience of food? Also, thanks!


    1. That’s a good question! Dean certainly tends to wind up treating it as a small reliable pleasure, while Sam seems to think of it more purely as fuel–although that does seem to be shifting a bit in the later seasons. He’s not interested in “the Elvis”, but he certainly enjoys Dean and Jody’s home-cooking.

      Also, you’re welcome! *glomps*

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