ash4897‘s cinematography tag contains some excellent discussion on Supernatural’s set-dressing and composition of shots.

“This is a brilliant use of architecture. The bridge feels like such a huge and heavy weight above the boys – symbolising the constant weight they have on their shoulders. It looms above them and makes them look so small and alone. The lines of the bridge, the fence and even the angled stream of light, draw the viewer’s eye to the centre of the frame.”


brother-benny‘s Supernatural + Art series is what got me thinking seriously about Serge’s ability to paint with light–it’s striking to see stills from the show in juxtaposition with acknowledged masterpieces.

frozen-delight‘s cinematography tag is full of gorgeous examples of Supernatural as art in motion.

Serge Ladouceur‘s professional website gives a nice overview of his work outside of Supernatural, and includes a lengthy Q&A with Kodak On Film:

“Cinematography is not just about lighting. That kind of thinking is reductionist. Light helps to create meaning. A good script focuses on an essential conflict. As a cinematographer, I am looking for the essential light that will be the extension of that conflict and that will enable the viewer to experience it.”

Sheila O’Malley‘s series of essays looking in-depth at individual episodes of Supernatural often includes discussion about how scenes are lit and shot. She has some brilliant insights into what Serge and the directors are doing to tell the story visually. [Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3]


zmediaoutlet‘s the DoP is a madman tag isn’t just Supernatural, but predominantly so, and contains some fascinating insights into different instances of visual storytelling–along with a fair bit of just plain delight in beautiful things.

#dark!dean  #literally  #the lighting in this scene  #so gorgeous  #the dop is a madman  #look at his cheekbone picked out of the dark  #and even the way the yellow and red in the plaid gleams in contrast  #hello caravaggio #hello rembrandt  #the pinpoints of light in his eyes  #(the only light and life left before he turns around and–)  #mm  #this is a beautiful show